Health Facts Change Over Time

Health facts change over time.

Health Facts Change Over Time

The truth of the matter is that "health facts" can change over time. Twenty years ago, stress and certain personality traits were considered "ulcer causing". For decades, medical students were told that acid caused ulcers. "No acid, no ulcer" claimed many professors. Hence numerous medications and antacids were developed to either neutralize or decrease acid in the stomach. In the past ten years, scientists found that factors that weaken the inner stomach lining (cigarettes and arthritis medications) may be more important than stress and acid in causing ulcers. Now scientists have discovered that in many instances, ulcer is an infectious disease. This infection is caused by a bacteria H.pylori that can be found in stomachs of some half of the adult world population! Instead of fighting acids, medical scientists are now busy developing antibiotic combinations to treat ulcers.

To keep up with changing "health facts", doctors attend educational meetings regularly. For viewers with chronic illnesses or interest in health issues, continuous open communications with your doctors are important. Medical Writers and Editors at are aware that information published today can become obsolete someday, but are committed to continuously bringing you tomorrow's health facts.



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