Exercise - Hip Extension

The hip extension strengthens buttock and lower-back muscles.

Hip Extension Exercise

The hip extension strengthens buttock and lower-back muscles.

  1. Stand 12 to 18 inches away from a table or chair, feet slightly apart.
  2. Bend forward from the hips, at about a 45-degree angle, holding onto the table or chair for balance.
  3. In this position, take 3 seconds to lift your left leg straight behind you without bending your knee, pointing your toes, or bending your upper body any farther forward (hold your abdomen in, and do not arch your back). Hold the position for 1 second.
  4. Take 3 seconds to lower your left leg back to the starting position.
  5. Repeat with right leg.
  6. Alternate legs, until you have repeated the exercise 8 to 15 times with each leg.
  7. Rest; then do another set of 8 to 15 alternating repetitions with each leg.
  8. Use ankle weights, when you are ready to.
  • Stand 12 to 18 inches from table.
  • Bend at hips; hold onto a table.
  • Slowly lift one leg straight backwards.
  • Hold position.
  • Slowly lower leg.
  • Repeat with other leg.
  • Add ankle weights when ready.

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