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What are the symptoms of vaginitis?

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While some cases of vaginitis do not produce symptoms, the characteristic symptoms of vaginitis include:

Certain signs and symptoms are suggestive of vaginitis from a particular source. For example, the vaginal discharge present in a yeast infection is described as thick, whitish, and having a cottage-cheese-like appearance. Trichomonas infection commonly produces a discharge that is thin, frothy, and has a greenish-yellow tint. Bacterial vaginosis is characterized by a thin, greyish discharge with a prominent fishy odor.

What about vaginitis in children?

Nonspecific vaginitis has been described in prepubertal girls and is thought in many cases to be due to poor hygiene involving the anal and genital areas, allowing bacteria from the stool to spread into the vulvovaginal area. The suspected presence of an STD in children is possible and warrants an investigation of child abuse.

What about vaginitis during pregnancy?

Vaginitis that occurs during pregnancy can have adverse effects on the mother and fetus. For example, bacterial vaginosis has been associated with premature labor and premature birth. Bacterial vaginosis that causes symptoms in pregnancy should be treated. Likewise, any STD that occurs during pregnancy should be treated.

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