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What is the outlook for someone with a thyroid disease?

Outcomes vary according to the specific disease.

  • Some thyroid diseases (such as postpartum thyroiditis) can be self-limited.
  • Other diseases can be easily treated with long-term, daily thyroid hormone replacement (as in Hashimoto's hypothyroidism).
  • For a compressive goiter, symptoms of compression can be completely cured with surgery.
  • Depending on the type of thyroid cancer, the extent of disease and the underlying health of the patient, the cancer may be completely curable, or may require a prolonged course of treatment with a poor outcome.
  • Graves' disease in patients under age 18 years may enter remission within 5 years of starting treatment with antithyroid hormone medication. Often these patients relapse, so approximately 20% of those with pediatric Graves' disease remain in remission within 5 years of diagnosis, allowing antithyroid medication to be discontinued.


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