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Other Therapy

  • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy has been shown to have good results in calcific tendinitis or other forms of tendinitis. Currently, it is still being studied.

  • Ultrasound therapy is used in some cases, but its effect has not been proven. Its greatest usefulness may be in calcific tendinitis.

  • Rarely, surgery may be necessary for tendinitis that is severe or does not respond to other treatments.


Your doctor may give you follow-up instructions with other specialists and physical therapists.


  • Use proper technique during sports or occupational activities.

  • Warm up and decrease overuse and repetitive motion of associated muscles.

  • Stop physical or occupational activity if there is any sign of pain.


  • With treatment and if you follow your doctor's instructions, pain and swelling should go away after a few days without further problems.

  • Recurrences can occur if there is continued overuse, but use of splints, proper technique during exercise, and muscle strengthening exercises can usually help.

  • Rarely, surgery may be needed if there is chronic inflammation causing other complications.

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