Shaken Baby Syndrome (cont.)

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Can shaken baby syndrome be prevented?

The following are guidelines to prevent child abuse and shaken baby syndrome

  • Never shake an infant or child.
  • Avoid holding your infant during arguments.
  • Avoid disciplining your child when you are angry.
  • Report abuse to the local police or to your state's child protective services if you suspect that a child in your home or someone you know is a victim of child abuse.
  • If you find yourself becoming increasingly short-tempered around your infant or child, take a break and ask a friend or family member for help.
  • Support the passage of the shaken baby syndrome Prevention Act (S 1204, HR 2052) introduced last year by writing your state senator and congressman.

Where can I find more information on shaken baby syndrome?

CDC Child Maltreatment Prevention

Administration for Children and Families

American Academy of Pediatrics

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"Child abuse: Evaluation and diagnosis of abusive head trauma in infants and children"

Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 1/15/2014

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