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Those on topical therapy should see their physician regularly to insure their continued response to treatment. If a patient requires oral antibiotics, appropriate follow-up with a physician is necessary every three to six months.

Rosacea Prevention

There is little one can do to prevent this condition but, as mentioned previously, triggering factors such as tobacco, niacin, nitroglycerin, spicy food, alcohol, chocolate, and sun- or windburn should be avoided.

Rosacea Prognosis

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Rosacea is a chronic condition characterized by exacerbations and remissions. Appropriately aggressive therapy can diminish the inflammatory component of the disease, perhaps decreasing the likelihood of the development of disfiguring changes. Ocular damage to the cornea and subsequent decrease in vision can be avoided with appropriate treatment of ocular rosacea.

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American Academy of Dermatology

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Scheinfeld, N., and T. Berk. "A Review of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Rosacea." Postgrad Med 122.1 Jan. 2010: 139-143.

Last Editorial Review: 1/26/2012

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