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The symptoms of multiple sclerosis can vary greatly from patient to patient. What were your symptoms at the onset of your disease?

Published: June 30

The first noticeable thing was hip trouble (left side) it was 'clunking' very loudly and painful in certain positions (tightening of tendons) after came the writing, it started to become harder and harder to hold a pen and my writing became more and more 'childish' few months afterward my foot got harder to lift off the floor and all the while I'd experience prickly heat sensation in my lower legs and on the inner part of my thighs. Eventually I had foot drop and my left hand is now permanently clawed with the whole left arm sitting against my stomach. I lift my left leg by the hip (on the tiptoes of my right foot) with every step. If you think there is ever anything wrong. DON'T hesitate to be checked over as I made that mistake and will forever regret it. I'm 21 and the disease got me at 15yrs old. I have 1 child now so all hope is not lost, you will cope if you suffer this slow crippling disease, just keep a positive mind or it will bring you further down.

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Published: June 26

My first onset of MS was the optic neuritis 6 years ago, I was 21. It only lasted 3 days. I went to 4 eye doctors, and got tested for diabetes and glaucoma. They all said my eyes were fine, and actually insisted I smoked too much weed and drank too much (at the time I agreed), and that I just needed better glasses for near sightedness, but yeah ok shows how stupid they are. Once it went away, I forgot about it for a long time. 6 years later, (last month) after being severely depressed and fatigued that whole time, the optic neuritis came back again. Finally they diagnosed me with MS. I just had a spinal tap last week, and still haven't recovered from that either, as I have SEVEREEEE headaches and nausea. Now my right arm is almost useless, it's completely numb and I also need rotator cuff surgery. Just yesterday, my other hand got slightly numb. The doctors refuse to give me anymore steroids as I'm still having an attack

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Published: June 24

I was experiencing extreme fatigue - almost falling asleep as I drove to work, then almost nodding off sitting in front of my computer. I also had sharp nerve pains in both of my hands and once in a while down my shins and knees. Funny, I have numbness now on both hands where the pains were. Also, I sometimes (when really tired) experience numbness on my cheeks - once it even spread to my throat and upper chest. (That freaked me out!) I was diagnosed just over two years ago. (Brain MRI confirmation - four times!)

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Published: June 13

I haven't been told I have MS yet were checking it out now. I started with a head cold then I would get chilled then my blood pressure went really low now I'm tired all the time and my toes got tingly.

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Published: June 10

I was approximately 23 I became nearly blind in my left eye which was diagnosed as optic neuritis. That condition was treated and went away; however, it still affected me when I would get over-heated in hot weather or in exercise or stressed for any reason. I lived for 12 years with symptoms of MS, unsteady gait, poor memory, fatigue but it was never diagnosed until I had my daughter. Three months after her birth I started getting numbness in my feet and it expanded by day. Every day when I would wake up it had moved up until it settled and I was numb from my chest down. I was then, finally, admitted to the Hospital and diagnosed as having MS without a doubt.

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Published: June 05

My first sign of MS (that I paid attention to) was the tingling and numbness in my right thumb for about 3 months. I was diagnosed about 6 months later. That was in 2005 I now use Rebif and have an improved MRI result that was 4 months ago.

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Published: May 27

The symptoms that led to my eventual diagnosis were loss of vision and fatigue. The vision loss occurred a few weeks after my first child was born, but resolved without treatment in a few weeks. Seven years later, I lost vision in the other eye. It was at that time that my neurologist suspected that I could have MS.

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Published: May 23

My first symptom of M/S was my eye went blurry, which turned out to Optic Neuritis.

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