Jaundice (cont.)

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What is the treatment for jaundice?

With the exception of the treatments for specific causes of jaundice mentioned previously, the treatment of jaundice usually requires a diagnosis of the specific cause of the jaundice, and treatment is directed at the specific cause, for example, removal of a gallstone blocking the bile duct.

Can jaundice be prevented?

Most causes of jaundice are not preventable, though it can be argued that moderate alcohol intake will prevent alcohol-related liver disease, and avoidance of illicit injectable drugs or promiscuous, unprotected sex will prevent the transmission of hepatitis viruses and viral-related liver disease.

What is the prognosis for jaundice?

The prognosis of jaundice varies dramatically depending on its cause. While neonatal jaundice due to destruction of fetal hemoglobin is benign, the prognosis for jaundice due to metastatic liver cancer is dire.

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