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Broken hip

Hip fractures are the most common fracture of people over the age of 75. The hip may break because of a fall, or osteoporosis may cause a spontaneous fracture without trauma that can lead to a subsequent fall. Not all hip fractures are the same and the treatment, almost always surgery, depends upon where the femur bone is broken. Common locations include subcapital, femoral neck, intertrochanteric and subtrochanteric. Each describes a location in the femur (thigh bone) where a break can commonly occur.

Broken leg

Lower extremity fractures may involve the femur (thigh bone), the knee, the tibia and/or fibula, the ankle and the bones of the foot. Each has their own relatively common presentation and treatment plan. The severity depends upon the location of the fracture, whether the bones are in alignment or displaced, and if the type of fracture is unstable. Some fractures are unstable and routinely and commonly need surgery, while others are relatively stable and can be observed. Unfortunately, even stable fractures can sometimes become misaligned.

Broken shoulder

Shoulder fractures are often treated without surgery while hips routinely need repair. Fractures of the humerus, elbow, forearm and wrist have different treatment plans compared to similar bones in the leg.

Broken hand or fingers

Hands are used as tools and are routinely injured, often because of crush injuries. In addition to the bone injury, the focus of the hand exam is on the tendons, arteries and nerves, again looking at function in addition to anatomy. Bones in the hands and finger need to align properly to make certain that the power, range of motion and sensation are maintained optimally.

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