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The symptoms of fibromyalgia can vary greatly from patient to patient. What were your symptoms at the onset of your disease?

Published: June 06

I actually believe I've had a form of this syndrome for most of my life. There were times when I was a youth that I just couldn't stand the feel of putting clothes on and felt often that I didn't have the energy to get out of bed. Mother called me lazy, when I said I didn't feel well. I believe this full-blown version was due to an overly stressful job coupled with some major surgery, internal bleeding, etc. I've read somewhere Vitamine D deficiency is a factor. When diagnosed, I had not been drinking milk, nor did I spend much time in the sun. Now I drink milk daily and try to get out in the sun in the morning when I can. And when I remember I take a D supplement. It seems to help. My Doctor had me on 4 separate meds, that didn't work so I weaned myself off of them and fired the dude. (no one is practicing on me)! Sleep is sometimes an issue for me. I have had spans of time where I get snippets of sleep or absolutely NO sleep for days. That is awful. Over the counter meds works to help sleep if it says "PM" on the label. Excedrin Migraine and PM works the best for me. I have the hardest time with socializing. I never know how I'll feel from day to day, so going out with friends is a problem. To make matters worse, there is no way to make friends when you have this and you've just moved to a new area. Isolation is a huge problem for me. Keeping the mind busy during the most painful times is helpful. The only thing that has kept me sane was taking online classes and learning to play guitar (such as it is). For the most part I am in good spirits. I try to laugh a lot and to stay active around the house.

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Published: June 03

3 years ago I started getting this awful dull pain in my back, I was a smoker then, I thought it was a smokers pain so I gave up smoking. That will tell you how bad it was but the pain never went I was 24 years old then and am no better for it now. I was after having a baby as well so maybe the stress of all that triggered this awful syndrome if that's what you call it. I got pain on a daily basis from that day to this. At the start I made a lot of visits to doctors and hospitals who looked at me as if it was all in my head after doing x/rays and heart tests but they all came back clear, I then started to think it really was me so I agreed to take antidepressants which were no good either. Lately I decided to give up alcohol as well because the pains were just killing me even tough when I did drink the pains were 100 percent gone until early that morning I would wake up with palpations and pain in my head arms, back, legs, neck everywhere only worse if that was possible.

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Published: May 30

I have extreme pain in my upper arms and thighs as well as osteoarthritis. I went to the doctor as I had trouble lifting my arms. I was sent to see a consultant who diagnosed fibromyalgia.

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Published: May 29

After years and years of suspicious looks by doctors, I was FINALLY diagnosed with fibromyalgia! The relief that I felt at having someone who understood and was able to diagnose my condition, brought me to tears. My symptoms were elevated SED rate, wide-spread pain, depression, and fatigue. And to have a "doctor" tell me that he did not believe in fibromyalgia, was the final blow!!! For years I had shed tears because of the unknown condition, but once I found a physician who was willing to do actual work to find out what my problem was, the tears were sheer relief. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!! Change doctors until you find one who is willing to do the actual work of finding your problem, and if you find that doctor, hold on to them at all cost.

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Published: May 29

I don't sleep very well, when I sit for a long time, I am stiff in my lower back, but only on one side of my body, feels like its sore in the kidneys. I find it difficult to stretch, once I am on the go, the pain disappears for a while. I have been diagnosed with fibrods in my uterus. What should I do?

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Published: July 01

I first had pain and extreme fatigue at the onset of my fibromyalgia.

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Published: June 24

I've been having fibromyalgia since the age of 48. No doctor would acknowledge my pain. They said it was stress. I finally had a scan taken because of my back pain. My doctor told me I had two hernias. I was operated on for my hernias at age 61. The doctor signed a certificate of sick leave for six months. I went to physiotherapy, naturopathy, phytotherapy, name them, I tried them all. So one day, I had a frozen shoulder and the specialist of sportive medicine sent me to an orthopedic doctor. Finally there was a guy that names the problem and sent me to a rheumatism doctor who finally diagnosed fibromyalgia. I'm 64 years old now.

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