Emphysema (cont.)

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What are the stages of emphysema?

Emphysema staging helps determine how much lung damage is present and how severe it is. The Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) uses FEV1 measurements to help with this determination:

Stage FEV1
I = mild greater than or equal to 80% predicted
II = moderate less than 80%, greater than 50% predicted
III = severe Less than 50%, greater than 30% predicted
IV = very severe Less than 30% predicted, or less than 50% in chronic respiratory failure

What is the treatment for emphysema?

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Emphysema is not a curable disease, once lung damage has occurred it cannot be reversed. The goal of treatment is to stop further lung destruction and preserve lung function. The patient needs to know that the focus is on improving quality of life and limiting the intrusion of emphysema on daily activities. Emphysema tends not to be the primary cause of death, but can be a contributing factor to other organ failure.

Smoking cessation

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The number one treatment goal is to have the patient stop smoking. Education, counseling, support groups and medication may be used. Moreover, prevention is most important, and not starting to smoke is much easier than helping a person to quit smoking.

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