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What tests are there for coma?

The tests required to evaluate a coma will depend upon the suspected cause. Many times, the cause involves many factors and the sequence of events will require serious detective work. Blood tests, electrocardiogram and CT scan of the head are most often obtained. Further test options depend upon the patient's situation.

What is the outcome and prognosis for a patient in a coma?

Depending upon the diagnosis, the evaluation may be no more than assessing blood sugar, treating hypoglycemia, and having complete resolution of the situation. On the other hand, the cause of coma may be a catastrophic brain hemorrhage without hope for significant recovery. The outlook very much depends on the cause of the coma and the ability to treat the particular situation.

Induced Coma

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There are times when a patient has brain injury or inflammation, and part of the treatment plan is to decrease intracranial pressure and rest the brain. Barbiturate medications such as Pentothal and pentobarbital can be injected similar to providing a general anesthetic. These medications can decrease the metabolic rate. Another effect is to constrict or narrow blood vessels and hopefully decreasing the volume of blood in the skull thereby decreasing pressure within it.

This technique is often used in patients with head trauma, ruptured aneurysms, and stroke. Induced coma also has been used as part of the Wisconsin protocol to treat rabies, an infection that invades and damages the brain. By resting the brain until the rabies virus can be cleared from the body, there is some hope that recovery is possible for rabies victims.


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