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How is alleged child abuse evaluated?

A thorough nonjudgmental history of the immediate events as well as a review of past similar experiences are often independently done by a physician, social worker, and/or the police department. The child may be interviewed separately from the parents as part of this information-gathering process.

A complete physical exam of the child (which may include the taking of photographs to document physical/sexual abuse) is often followed by radiologic studies (X-rays, CT, and MRI scans) and/or laboratory tests to support the potential diagnosis of inflicted trauma and to rule out the possibility of medical conditions which could account for the physical findings noted during the examination. A complete eye examination is indicated in all infants to evaluate to possibility of retinal hemorrhages associated with the shaken baby syndrome.

How is child abuse treated?

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Steps that are often taken to correct child abuse are as follows:

  • The safety of the abused child and any other potential victim of abuse in the household is paramount. Removal of the victim and placement in protective custody in a group home or foster care is often necessary.
  • Effective counseling for the child, family, and the abuser is essential to deal with the associated emotional and psychological stress and trauma.
  • In the event of neglect, establishing realistic expectations of the child's needs and capabilities is required.
  • Parental high-risk behaviors such as substance/alcohol abuse must be addressed.
  • Law-enforcement evaluation is performed, followed by the filing of charges, court appearance, and (if found guilty) sentencing as indicated.
  • Pedophiles (people who have sexually abused children) often require intense psychological and pharmacological therapy prior to release into the community because of the high rate of repeat offenders.
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