Patient Comments: Bronchitis - Length Symptoms Lasted

How long did the symptoms of your bronchitis last? Was there anything in particular that helped with pain/symptom relief?

Comment from: rwb3050mpb, 75 or over Male Published: October 16

My bronchitis occurs about every one to two years. I have chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD); therefore, it is important to treat the bronchitis as soon as possible. I am treated with an antibiotic and a 10 mg Prednisone tablet. The bronchitis lasts about a week. My severe coughing only lasts overnight, usually.

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Published: July 15

I have bronchitis. I do not like to take medication but found taking two to four puffs off of a Ventolin Inhaler just before bed does loosen that tight-chest feeling and helps to alleviate difficult breathing. Another thing that has been really excellent for the coughing is a hot cup of tea or hot cup of soup.

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Published: June 19

I have asthma and chronic sinus/allergies, and I have a tough time getting rid of colds and bronchitis. In addition to water, my inhaler and guaifenesin, my doctor has me take Singulair (not all the time forever as an asthma med, mostly to help with allergies or to help when my chest feels 'wet' during one of these bouts). The goal is to help avoid as much stuff going into my lungs as possible, so that I won't have to cough it back up. At night, instead of the expectorant I take a suppressant like vicks44 so I can try to sleep. Spicy foods, warm liquids to drink, etc all help too.

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Published: June 12

My son was diagnosed with bronchitis at 4 months we got him to the hospital on time that it did not turn into pneumonia. He is now 9 months and has had it again 2 times after; He is actually experiencing it for the second time since the first time now. It looks as of he has a cold, runny nose cough and he had a fever and ear ache. I can hear wheezing. The doctor gave us a machine for albuterol. It seems to help when he is having a lot of cough. His cough is dry though...he started out with a really bad cough to where he vomits now it is just dry. The fist two times he had it the doctor gave him a steroid for his inflamed lungs.

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Published: June 05

My bronchitis usually lasts for about 3 weeks. Part of the reason being is that I usually don't go see the doctor until a week after the symptoms start. My doctor usually prescribes Tussionex and a steroid. The Tussinex really takes away the pain in my throat and lungs and allows me to sleep well, and the steroid helps with the inflammation.

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Published: May 27

This is my second time with bronchitis. The doc prescribed an antibiotic (Z-pak) but it didn't work, then Clarithromycin (creates a metallic taste in your mouth, so bad it wakes you from sleep). Additionally, I was prescribed Iophen-C NR Liquid (guaifenesin w/ codeine). Guaifenesin thins the mucous and codeine stops the cough reflex. I took this initially when the chest hurt so much, to stop the cough. But after the antibiotic kicked in and the chest pain was gone, I wanted to cough up that stuff, so I switched to Guaifenex PSE 600/120 TB SA (guaifenesin w/ Sudafed) to thin the mucous and decongest. The Sudafed contains pseudoepinephrine which gave me major chills so I stopped that as well. Now my doc wants me to try prescription Robitussin because I'm coughing a ton, but at least it's productive. The last time I had bronchitis, it took a couple weeks to really recover and this time, seems to be the same. I've been VERY tired and have rested a ton! I also have asthma (I'm 40 and just found out...who knew?!) and have had to use my inhaler much more than ever before (1-2 times per day). When I use my inhaler, it does help my cough. Bronchitis is tough to get rid of and I feel it requires a lot of rest, I'm not one to take that well. Also drink a ton of water or whatever other liquid you can get down. I am on the 6th day of a second round of antibiotic and my phlegm is still yellow, still coughing, and still have a headache and sore throat. It is a long road...

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Comment from: 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: November 19

I haven't gotten help with this, but I do smoke regularly even though I am trying to quit. So far I have had this about 5 months. My previous doctor thought it was allergies, she gave me nasal spray. Which didn't help at all because I would just end up vomiting it up because of the bitter taste it leaves in your mouth. In the mornings it is probably the worst for me because I wake up barley able to breathe and coughing up really nasty colored mucus.

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