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What school-related impairments are linked to adult ADHD?

People with adult ADHD are at risk for a variety of educational challenges. Particularly if untreated, they tend to have lower grades and standardized test scores, higher use of school services, and higher rates of grade retention, school suspensions, and expulsion. They also tend to have higher test anxiety. Individuals with this condition are at risk for ultimately achieving less education than adults who do not have the condition.

What work-related impairments are linked to adult ADHD?

Similar to their childhood counterparts at school, adults with ADHD are at risk for having problems within the workplace. Specifically, they often struggle with tardiness, taking days off, making excessive mistakes, and having trouble completing required workloads. They are also more likely to have trouble making decisions and to have accidents at work. Adults with attention deficit disorder tend to have an overall lower employment status compared to adults who do not have the disorder. They are more at risk for being fired from a job, changing jobs more often, or being unemployed. These individuals more often impulsively quit a job, are receiving a disability pension, and have anxiety about their careers.

What social-related impairments are linked to adult ADHD?

Some research indicates that more than 15% of adults with ADHD may interact with the juvenile justice system before the 18 years of age. People with ADHD are more prone to getting injured, especially in high-speed accidents like car accidents. Men with a childhood history of ADHD are at higher risk of becoming verbally and physically aggressive with their romantic partners.

What relationship-related impairments are linked to adult ADHD?

Relationship troubles are more likely to afflict adults with ADHD. That includes relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners. They are at risk for divorce and for having trouble maintaining a romantic relationship in general.

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